Wamly Wins Tech Startup of the Year 2023 1

Wamly Crowned Tech Startup of the Year 2023: A Proud Achievement for Superseed

Wamly’s triumph as the Tech Startup of the Year 2023 is a testament to their commitment to innovation and their exceptional HRTech solution. As Superseed (a now award-winning digital agency in Cape Town), we are proud to have played a role in their success.

Wamly Wins Tech Startup of the Year 2023 2

As the digital agency behind Wamly’s brand design, UX and UI design, as well as their website (view the showcase here), we share in their excitement and consider this victory a remarkable achievement for both Wamly and ourselves. We would like to take a moment to celebrate their success and reflect on the journey that led them to this momentous accolade.

The Tech Startup of the Year 2023 Competition:

Innovation City Cape Town, a renowned hub for digital innovation in South Africa, hosted its annual Tech Startup of the Year 2023 competition. This competition attracted over 100 dynamic and diverse tech startups, all vying to showcase their exceptional promise and disruptive innovation. The selection process carefully considered each applicant’s level of innovation, growth potential, and impact on their respective industries. Among the finalists, Wamly emerged as the shining star.

Wamly’s Triumph:

On April 13th, Wamly, along with other finalists, presented their visionary ideas during the competition’s final event in Cape Town. The panel of proven entrepreneurs evaluated the presentations and, on the evening of Thursday, April 20th, 2022, made the announcement:

Wamly Wins Tech Startup of the Year 2023

We are incredibly proud to have been a part of Wamly’s journey to success. Their triumph in winning the Tech Startup of the Year 2023 award reflects the dedication and expertise of both our teams.

We extend our warmest congratulations to Wamly and encourage our readers to read their article on this remarkable achievement.

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